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Are we required to wear a helmet?

YES. We provide bike helmets & you are welcome to bring your own too.
Do We Get Some Safety Orientation Training?
Your safety is always our highest priority; therefore, we begin each tour with a very thorough orientation to the Segway PT i2 SE and its use before going out to enjoy the tour! Each of our tours will begin with practice in our training area instruction from your tour guide. We will practice on the Segway PT i2 SE until everyone feels comfortable.
How Many People Are In A Tour Group?
2 - 5 RIDERS
We take small groups, minimum of two / maximum 5 riders at a time. We can at times get a hold of more Segway PT i2 SE’s if you call us in advance to ask.
Can We Take Pictures?
Absolutely! However, we do recommend that you ask your guide to take your pictures so you can focus on riding and balancing on your Segway PT.
What If It Rains?
If the weather is anything beyond a light rain then we will not charge your card. If would like to ride in any weather we are prepared to go for it. If weather is brisk we suggest you bring some gloves to wear & jacket layers too.
What If It Gets Hot?
Luckily, we purchased our Segway PT i2 SE's with on-board air conditioning systems for your riding pleasure. Not really but seriously, the Segway PT i2 SE’s do move at a brisk pace and create a breeze. Besides, it's not like you will be working up a sweat pedaling or anything. We'll make you a deal, if the temperature is over 100 degrees, we will be happy to reschedule your tour.
What If I Don't Want To Take A 'Tour'?
We get that not everybody wants to hear us talk forever. We tailor each tour to our guest’s wants and needs. If you want to hear all of the interesting facts about our area and some of its history, we are happy to share. If you just want to ride around on an amazingly fun toy and see cool stuff, well, that's what we like, too. Just let us know how you would like to proceed or we will be forced to gauge your interest with our mind reading capabilities. Just like you, we just want to make sure that everybody has fun.
How Do I Get There and Where Do I Park?
We are located in Downtown Corvallis 202 NW 3rd St Corvallis 97330. We have a parking lot to north of our building or you can use on street spaces to the south of the building.
What Is A Segway PT i2 SE?
A Segway PT i2 SE is an electrically powered personal transportation device. Thanks to dynamic stabilization technology, which uses high-tech gyroscopes and sensors, a Segway PT i2 SE stays balanced by responding to your body's movements. Because of its small size, a Segway PT i2 SE can go almost anywhere people can go.
How Do I Use A Segway PT i2 SE?
When you step on a Segway PT i2 SE, you will realize that it is balancing for you. It moves in response to your movements. To move forward, just lean slightly forward. To move backward, lean slightly backward. To turn left or right, simply move the Segway PT i2 SE handlebar left or right. You will feel a sense of power and speed, but you will also maintain a feeling of safety and control. The Segway PT i2 SE technology will keep you upright during any movement.
Is It Safe To Use A Segway PT i2 SE?
A great deal of research has gone into ensuring the Segway PT i2 SE will provide a safe experience when used appropriately. The Segway PT i2 SE has also been evaluated by four independent agencies for safety. When used appropriately, a Segway PT i2 SE will provide a safe and enjoyable ride.
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